The Government Said About Rule Budgets

The Government Said About Rule Budgets
On Wednesday, the government said it would rule out all budgets and improve revenue collection through technology and administration, in the near future in the criticism of lawmakers and opposition lawmakers over price hikes and other monetary and fiscal policies. measure. The meeting is at the heart of the Standing Committee Meeting on the Finance and Revenues of Parliament, presided by Asad Umar, and chaired by the Finance and Governing Advisors of the Bank of Pakistan (SBP) of PM.

The Commission reported that

Inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index, decreased from 11.6 percent in August to 10.5 pcs due to a base year change between 2007-08 and 2015-16. Asad Umar wondered what inflation rate the SBP could consider for policy rates. He said the CPI has been on the rise for the past few months and that the government should take action to find out why. He said the Pakistan Competition Committee reported a clear conspiracy in sugar and flour ratios, while the prices of onions, chicken and sugar rose 66pc, 65pc and 7pc respectively.

The NA panel said the National Price Management Board attended meetings several months before the monthly meeting. Hina Rabbani Khar of the Pakistan People's Party said that inflation now affects the majority of people and that fiscal and monetary policy regrets contracting pay and income and raising inflation. Ramesh Kumar of Tehreek-i-Insaf in Pakistan said he warned the government that wheat prices would rise six months ago. He said Sind's factories were full of wheat and exported in bulk.

He was recently tense and criticized the government, which banned the import of medicines from India, and said it was unrealistic and should be changed. Pizu's former chairman Faizulla said that the Ramazan and Sasta bazaars, established under the current government, have become a source of corruption instead of benefiting the public and subsidies provided by the government. The government did not get relief through the bazaar promised by us and the party," he said.

Dr. Aysha Ghous Pasha of Pakistan's Muslim League-Nawaz said the government's measures to solve the poor issue were ineffective. PPP's Naveed Qamar said SBP's monetary policy caused the plant to shut down, but it did not affect prices as interest rate hikes led to industrial and economic contractions.

Treasury Secretary Kamran Baloch acknowledged

He and his team could not arrange proper briefings on prices, and proposed a strategy for inflation at the next meeting. He regretted that the National Price Control Board, led by the Treasury Advisor, held a meeting instead of months ago. Asad Umar agreed with members that the economic team should be prepared to explain the macro-policy stage through fiscal and monetary policy on inflation, and that there is no greater problem than inflation at present. The advisor and governor [SBP] should have time to help them and the government for the finance committee," he said.

He also questioned last year's fiscal deficit and expenditure surge, although the budget was announced on June 10 and asked how spending of 800 billion rupees in the last 20 days could exceed expectations. “Someone has manipulated the system somewhere. It is a big item. The fiscal deficit was another problem, but added that budget estimates could go wrong in the short term. As finance minister, he said the basic idea of ​​discounts to the industry was to lower fertilizer prices as gas prices rose.

But he did not know the latest regulations. He believed that the government would make a statutory investigation into the Gas Infrastructure Development Seth (GIDC) that PML-N passed in 2015, but the initial attempts at PPP in 2012 could not survive. La Messi Kumar called for the issue of the GIDC amendments to be referred to the State Bureau of Responsibility.

The government's decision to offer a deal

Government's decision to offer a deal for several industries as a result of the government's sudden decision to pay a debt of 416 billion rupiah (GIDC) unpaid gas infrastructure development, a 50% discount, within a week after the issue was disappointing. The withdrawal of the bylaws will not only imply a long-standing legal debate over the legitimacy imposed between governments and defaulters, but will also negate the proposed reductions in the rate of interruption for future collections. Abolition of the bylaws is unfortunate.

Khurram Mukhtar, chairman of the Pakistani Textile Exporters Association in Faisalabad, said, "The government and industry have both lost the opportunity to clean and restart the slate." He said that this decision will not affect the Punjab industry because most gas consumers have already paid a significant portion of their debt. But it will affect industries based in Sind and Karachi, they add. Similar views were expressed by many entrepreneurs in other industries subject to GIDC imposition. 

The implementation of this transaction has given the government a certain amount of income in the future, and the industry covered by the GIDC Act will save money (after lowering rates) while reducing costs, as well as cutting outstanding debt. There was. Court case, ”former former Pakistan Textile Factory Association president SM Tanveer mourned.

According to an executive of one major fertilizer company

The ordinance has carried out some technical deficiencies and ambiguities” in regards to applicability for almost a year from January 1, to about 120 billion rupees in the fertilizer industry until the unpaid dues are resolved Comply with withholding agreements that have resulted in a loss of degree. Moreover, he pointed out that the reconciliation transaction benefited those who paid less, while the fertilizer sector was likely to lose 65 billion rupees due to the discriminatory application of the ordinance, which the reconciliation sector is now abolished.

We also failed to adequately address the repetitive communication among industry players regarding GIDC's retroactive treatment of new policies and the application of GIDC to expensive gases already procured under the 2012 oil policy. And there was also ambiguity about him. Late payment surcharges apply. But he thought the deal would allow the industry to free up space to breathe and lower element prices. The biggest implication of the withdrawal of the bylaws for the fertilizer industry is that the price must be reviewed.

The government has ensured settlement of (unpaid) GIDC debt and future interest rate cuts, so we are absorbing recent gas rate hikes to keep urea prices at current levels. ” His name. Ghiyas Paracha, representative of the entire CNG association in Pakistan, was completely disappointed by PM's decision to withdraw the decree. “I think that governments and the business community should try to resolve 'technical disputes' through dialogue instead of passing all matters to court.

The GIDC Ordinance provided the opportunity to resolve unresolved issues at once. I urge both governments and businessmen to sit still at the table and try to solve the problem in court. I do not deny that I am interested in still paying debts at discount rates offered by many (GIDC default) governments.

But I also know that most of them believe that sooner or later they will be rescued by the courts because GIDC's imposition is illegal and unconstitutional. It was also not used for gas infrastructure construction and cross-border pipeline construction. I'm sure people who paid GIDC partially or fully in the past will get their money back.

The Cabinet Economic Coordinating Council

The Cabinet Economic Coordinating Council
On Wednesday, the Cabinet Economic Coordinating Council (ECC) provided a simple tax system for non-resident companies to invest in local debt markets to deepen their national capital markets to attract portfolio investment. Under the new regime, the government has simplified the process of investing large funds in the stock and monetary markets by providing a simple regime for non-resident companies with no permanent establishment in Pakistan.

Finance and Revenue

The ECC meeting, chaired by PM's advisor to Hafeez Shaikh, has approved a new tax regime that will help increase foreign exchange inflows and reserves. ECC directs ministry to ensure stable supply of wheat and flour at regular prices. Currently, double taxation treaties with major countries also do not encourage large funds to invest in Pakistan. But under a simple tax regime, the government provided this fund with a 10% capital gain and a 10pc interest rate to invest in the local debt market. After the ECC meeting, a tax official said, We reaffirmed that there would be no additional taxes.

The purpose of the simplified procedure is to encourage the inflow of foreign currency into special converting rupee accounts, which can later be converted to local rupees to invest in currency and stock markets. The new process also reduces government debt costs. The ECC has also approved the payment of US $ 5.55 billion in amendment to the smoking cessation in the tobacco sector in fiscal year 2019-20 and gas subsidies to the fertilizer industry.

On the issue of wheat

The conference indicated that there are certain regions and places, such as Karachi, where prices have risen, but that prices are stable in most areas. The ECC consulted with all stakeholders to instruct the National Food Security and Research to ensure a steady supply of wheat and flour at a constant price. The Commission also considered the proposal of the Ministry of Energy on the 1st of July to apply the quarterly adjustments notified to industrial consumers of zero grade and to impose 7.5 cents on the reported tariffs on zero-grade industrial consumers.

Financial cost surcharges, Neelum-Jhelum Surcharge, taxes, and positive fuel adjustments will not be part of claims for industrial consumers in the zero-grade sector, but will be part of subsidies billed by the government. The former government provided Rs3.5 packages per unit relief to industrial consumers, which ended earlier this year, following the current government's decision to reduce subsidies. However, this measure increased the power bill for industrial consumers, who were promised a flat fee of 7.5 cents per unit.

This problem was shaken in the sense that the government back tracked the promise of higher input costs by industrial consumers. Therefore, the Department of Power suggested that certain additional charges for power bills should not apply to those consumers. The ECC also discussed the pros and cons of the proposal, taking into account its financial impact, and asked the finance department to hold meetings with stakeholders, including the power, commercial.

And industrial and production departments, and to resubmit the case to the ECC with a solid proposal. The ECC also addressed this issue to the Development Working Group, led by the Director-General for making appropriate decisions, taking proposals for the expansion and rehabilitation of the gas network in the oil and gas production area of ​​Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

US Electricity Authority

On Wednesday, the US Electricity Authority (Nepra) allowed Rs1.78 per unit of power rate increase for all power distribution companies except K-Electric, due to fuel price adjustments for electricity consumed in July. The decision was made at a monthly hearing hosted by Nepra's Chairman Tauseef H. Farooqi. On behalf of Discos, the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has filed a petition for a tariff increase that would allow an increase of Rs1.93 per unit, as the actual fuel costs for July are higher for consumers. It will recover from consumers next month.

Nepra did not allow some of the costs claimed by the CPPA, and increased Rs1.78 per unit, giving consumers an additional burden of about 2242 billion rupees and generating additional revenue for distribution companies. However, this adjustment does not apply to K-Electric consumers, but also to lifeline consumers who use less than 50 per month.

The regulator's case manager said that if the power company optimally utilizes LNG-based and other efficient power plants instead of expensive furnace oil-based units, the burden on consumers will be reduced to 5 billion rupees. The CPPA team followed an economic merit order in the power generation sector, but claimed that Nepra's case manager did not agree. Nepra Vice-President Rahmatullah Baloch has instructed.

The CPPA and the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) to submit a report on the July Approved Achievement Order and how to implement it. The CPPA in the petition in July charged consumers with a base tariff of Rs3.54 per unit, while the actual fuel cost turned out to be Rs5.46 per unit, so it should be able to recover Rs1.93 per additional cost.

From consumers next month

The total energy production from all sources in July is 14,231 GWh, reaching Rs74.90bn with an average fuel cost of Rs5.26 per unit. About 13,788 GWh was sold to Discos for Rs75.41bn. High tariff adjustments are not billed to lifeline consumers using up to 50 cars per month, but all other consumers in all categories, including industrial sectors and agricultural wells, will have to bear extra burden. The revised fee does not apply to K-Electric consumers.

National Security Council

The KSE-100 index fell sharply to 723 points (2.33% decrease) on Wednesday to return the benchmark to its March 2015 level and close at 30,277. As the National Security Council decided to downgrade diplomatic relations and review bilateral trade agreements with India, uncertainty over US-China trade war tensions continued to grow as geopolitical instability on the Kashmir issue increased. In addition, the Bureau of Domestic Responsibility arrested former Finance Minister Miftah Ismail after the Islamabad High Court refused to request a temporary bail extension in the LNG import case.

Trading volume skyrocketed from 54% to 24 million shares, compared to $ 16.6 million the day before, while the traded price jumped to $ 14.6 million at $ 34 million. Shares contributed significantly by K-Electric, Maple Leaf Cement, Lotte Chemical, TRG Pakistan and Hascol Petroleum recorded a total revenue of 27pc. The mutual fund sold $ 3.68 million worth of shares and was sold by individuals who bought $ 36 million of shares, resulting in a regional sale of $ 0.46 billion.

But foreign buyers showed that net buyers increased their position by $ 0.46 m. By industry, Habib and United Bank published financial results based on market expectations, but commercial banks led the index down as the financial world landed in a deficit.

Negatively contributing shares lost oil and gas development companies, 70 points, UBL 55 points, Hub Power Company 5 points, Pakistan oil 51 points and Engro Corporation 45 points. On the other hand, the winner was Dawood Hercules, who added a 9 point Shifa Int. 5 hospitals, 3 Kohinoor Textile Mills Ltd, 3 Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd, and 2 service industries.

The main reason for the recovery

Wednesday's stock market closed the KSE-100 index by 435.05 points (1.46%), closing at 30,244.73. The main reason for the recovery of investor attention is that most market leaders climbed to 10.50pc after revising the weight of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics due to the low CPI figure during the month of August. However, when calculated on the existing basis, the August CPI was 11.60pc. Low CPI numbers were thought to enable rate cuts. In the early hours, the market struggled to sell shares in the banking sector, lowering the index to 342 points per day.

The index recovered all losses in the second half of the session to its highest level of 568 points. Investors have abandoned concerns about the geopolitical situation. Bangkok's upcoming financial action task force review and concerns about poor economic conditions. An important feature of the day's trading was the purchase of 'individuals' who stole $ 4.2 million worth of shares. Institutional participants and mutual funds generally remain collateral, but foreign investors sold $ 4,57m in equity.

The cement sector led the index's rise with support from the exploration and production (E & P) sector, which has hit the upper circuit by oil and gas marketing companies, oil and gas development companies (OGDC) and Pakistan oil companies (PPL). Closed cement stock in or near the upper circuit is D.G. Canned Cement, Lucky Cement (LUCK), Maple Leaf Cement Mill (MLCF), Pioneer Cement and Coconut Cement.

We witnessed value purchases in the E & P sector, where script prices in P & P, OGDC, Pakistan oil fields and Mari Petroleum are rising. Trading volume doubled from 64 million shares the previous day to 128.7 million shares. Transaction value also increased by 100pc per day to reach $ 31.2m.

Shares that have contributed significantly to the volume include MLCF, Fauji Cement Company Ltd, Unity Foods, WorldCall Telecom Ltd and Lotte Chemical, with a total volume of 35pc. The main heavyweights that raised the index are Engro Corporation 3.5pc, OGDC 3.8pc, PPL 4.2pc, LUCK 4.8pc and MCB Bank Ltd 2.7pc.

The K IV Project Decided on Monday

The K IV Project Decided on Monday
Sindh and the federal government decided to form a joint committee to review the K-IV project technical report prepared by Nespak for the project to proceed, and it was decided on Monday. The National Engineering Services Pakistan Ltd Company (Nespak) estimated the project would cost about 120 billion rupees, but the rupee's devaluation of the US dollar could actually cost 150 billion rupees, Source said.

Five members of the technical committees

Members of the technical committees, five at Sindh and five at the federal government, will be notified to the planning committee, sources said. The decision was retired by the Minister of Planning and Development, Federal Minister Khusro Bakhtiar, Vice Chairman Jahanzaib Khan, Minister of Planning Zaffar Ahsan and Chair of Planning Committee Maj Gen Zahir Shah. House. The new Minister Sheed Murad Ali Shah is the Governor of Imran Ismail, Minister of Local Government Syed Nasir Shah, Minister of Labor, Seed Ghani, Minister of Planning and Development, Nahid Shah, Sajid Jamal Ab Chief Minister Sajid Jamal Abro.

The delegation of the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) was led by Secretary-General Inam Haider, Brigadier Abeer of the 5th Legion, Brigadier Abeer. Asadullah Khan, Managing Director of Waterboard, Asad Zamin, Director of K-IV Project, and related Planning and Development Director, also attended the meeting. At this meeting, Sindh CM proposed to form a joint team of federal planning agencies and planning committees to review the technology in the report Nespak will submit by the end of this month. 

Attendees of the meeting agreed to the proposal and will inform the Federal Planning Commission. Nespak officials said the project will cost about 120 billion rupees. The chief minister said it would cost Rs 150 billion because of the devaluation of Rs against the US dollar. Officials also said a 50MW power plant was proposed for the project. The consultant almost finished the PC-I of the power project.

CM, meanwhile, said K-I and K-II / III designed a capacity of 480 MGD, which is reduced by 100 MGD due to silt and other technical issues. He suggested conducting separate studies to improve the capabilities of the K-I and K-II / III projects.

Water problems

Shah told federal representatives that water is a matter of life and death in this huge city. "We were able to start and complete K-IV, but it's been 15 years and it's going to take a few more years," he said. Bakhtiar proposed urgently supplying water by installing desalination facilities in the city, but he said it would take two to three years to complete. The minister replied that if the federal government extended financial assistance, it was ready to install desalination facilities in the city.

The Federal Chancellor urged to endorse the Chief Minister of his support and to submit the necessary proposals for approval. Colonel Haider of the FWO, briefing the attendees at the conference, said the 11-meter-deep canal built at Keenjhar Lake was 121 km long. Among them canals flow up to 91 km of gravity. Civil work on the canal is 70% complete. He said that Nespak has some coordination issues that he is trying to perform third party evaluation.

Nespak representatives Jawaid Mir, Mirza Asif Baig and Mohammad Afzal said they could suggest modifications to the existing alignment of the canal. We conducted a geographic study on the canal embankment to see if it was possible to maintain the pressure of 660 MGD water. I will submit this to the local government after completing this study by the end of this month. Bakhtiar said advanced projects require another technical review by a team of experts.

At the time of the inauguration of the K-IV project by Hellsa, the first minister took Governor Istamar Governor Bakhtiar to Lake Kinzar, about 30 km from Tata City. They visited the mouth of a project developed inside a canal 257 meters away from soil areas, canals, conduits and bridges briefed by FWO engineers.

Karachi remained under thick

The dark clouds on Monday, and other parts of the big city received bright, mild showers during the second half of the year. Under Met office's warning, heavy rain continued to be confusing due to Metropolis's poorly maintained transportation, electricity, and sewer systems. The system now warns, "It is very likely that you will stay for the next 24 hours." Including Karachi. An official at the Met office said several areas of the city received moderate showers on the second day of fresh monsoon orders, mostly in the evening. He said some areas saw frequent drizzle all day.

He said that the southern part of the city received mild rain for a short period of time because most light showers with lightning and thunderstorms were reported in large cities. By 8 pm, Landhi rained all day, followed by rainfall of up to 18 mm, followed by PAF Base Faisal 13 mm, Jinnah Terminal 6.8 mm, University Road 6.5 mm, and the old airport area 5 mm. Surjani Town, North Karachi and PAF Base Masroor.

Sardar Sarfaraz of Karachi's Met office said that low-pressure areas existed in the Northeast Arabian Sea for the last 3-4 days, and the recent rain is the result of the same system. In some areas, including Karachi, Tuesday's rains were expected to continue raining at Sind as the intensity dropped. He warned that another system was being built in the bay of Bengal. The current system will stay for the next 24 hours.

Current conditions, trends and data analysis show that another low-pressure area that is expected to affect Karachi and other areas of the Sind is under construction in the Bay of Bengal. The rainfall numbers shared by the Met office did not imply large spelling or heavy rains, but short drizzles and moderate showers disrupted the traffic system, resulting in heavy traffic on almost all major roads for a long time, testing the patience of the commuters.

The main traffic around 5 pm

The main traffic, which began to slow down, deteriorated with the sunset of the main road, taking several hours to ease the development work of the main road, several traffic signals do not work, and in the absence of traffic officials at some intersections. Motorcyclists try to repair their vehicles on busy Liaquat Abad Avenue road. Most motorcycles break down and stop working while it rains. Online / White Star, however, authorities blamed the water on the main roads, affecting the speed of traffic that ultimately turned into railroads. In addition, after two days of rest each week on Monday two days.

I found much more cars on the first day of the road. For the first time, water slowed down and the traffic flow slowed down, and the driver lost patience when trying to get to his destination, leading to lane violations and gridlock. The southern, central and eastern regions were the worst affected, with offices in many private and governmental institutions as well as educational and densely populated areas. Similarly, the main commercial district is in the same area as where people left for their homes and other destinations, putting additional pressure on the roads.

The roads around Korangi Industrial Area were worst affected by Shahra-e-Faisal via other links. At Shahra-e-Faisal near Hotel Metrople, the connection to the PIDC intersection faced the same situation, and the DHA's two-stage traffic was also hindered for hours. Within the first few drops of rain, the city's power supply system did not prove its effectiveness, and traditionally most of the city remained in the dark for several hours after the blackout.

K-Electric insisted on taking precautions in several areas as excuses for the blackout area and initiating repair work in other areas. Meanwhile, the water level in the overthrow dam increased by three inches, which caused the water to overflow into the surrounding area.

K-Electric warned in a simple statement that the overflow of Malir Nadi's water affected the transmission tower of the Malir Gadap circuit. Our team is trying to get to the water it touches, but it's backing up," he said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan Reiterated on Tuesday

Prime Minister Imran Khan Reiterated on Tuesday
Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated on Tuesday that Pakistan's Terriqi Insaif government is working hard to provide entrepreneurs with all possible facilities to accelerate economic activity. The Prime Minister said that "the government is a necessity to accelerate economic activities, so the convenience of the business is a top priority," he said in a conversation with the representatives of the industry's leading businessmen and businessmen.

Khan invited industry and businessmen

The government added that it is focusing on creating business activities that create employment opportunities and reduce poverty. Khan invited industry and businessmen to submit proposals to the government to improve the national economy. "The proposal will lead to a policy and planning process for economic improvement," he said. The business and merchant community has made several proposals to the government to promote investment, increase tax revenues, reform the system, increase taxes, prepare annual budgets, build capacities and create job opportunities.

The meeting deliberateed various proposals presented by the business community. The Prime Minister instructed Cabinet members and advisers to review these proposals and continue the consultation process with the business community. He said the government will continue the consultation process in all sectors of the economy and meetings with members of the business community will be held regularly.

The business community fully trusted the government's economic policy and praised the government's economic team for their efforts to improve the economy. The meeting was attended by Mian Mohammad Manshsa, Bashir Ali Mohammad, Ali Habib, Shahid Hussain, Khalil Sattar, Saqib Shirazi, Shahid Abdullah, Tariq Sehgal, Arif Habib, Musaddaq Zulqarnain and Sikandar Mustafa.

Minister of Planning and Development Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar, Minister of Maritime Affairs. Ali Haider Zaidi, financial adviser Dr. Abdul Hapis Shaikh, Abdur Razak Dawood trade adviser, institutional reform adviser Dr. Ishrat Hussain, and Federal Revenue Bureau Syed Shabbar Zaidi, also attended the meeting.

The PTI-led government

The PTI-led government met with local and international business community members and investors to attract national investment. Earlier, Hafeez Shaikh addressed the first Central Asian Capital Region Economic Cooperation (Carec) Capital Market Regulator. At the Islamabad forum, the government said it is working hard to make the business easier by providing maximum facilities for local and international investors.

We are working hard to make business easier and the number of businesses is improving," he said. He told investors he would feel comfortable doing business here, taking advantage of the government-given opportunities.

The Lahore High Court says

With Pakistan's highest annual deforestation rate in the world, this trend will lead to the spread of life-threatening diseases, planting and removing trees from the Punjab government, defense housing authorities and other development authorities, Comprehensive policy on penalties for damage. The LHC ruling estimated the country's deforestation rate to be 0.2-0.5% per year (the highest in the world), the highest in the world, resulting in a 4-6% reduction in wood biomass. Judging by Judge Jawad Hasan, citing a study report, the natural forest area decreased from an average of 27,000 hectares to 3,32 million hectares to 3.32 hectares per year.

Quoting a 2010 study report from the National Environment Information System (NEIMS), we were concerned that natural resources are decreasing at an alarming rate, with all forest areas being consumed within the next five years. The Punjab government, DHA and various development authorities mandate a comprehensive policy for increasing forest cover. NEIMS is a project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) that details the environment, biodiversity and ecology of Pakistan, from forests to mountains, and threatens flora and fauna.

The report stressed that forests have been declining since 2000 because only 4.72m hectares or 3.36% of land are covered. The LHC ruling recalled that the value of the intangible benefits of forests is eight times greater than the tangible value of products and services in the forest sector. Many intangible benefits come from forests, including oxygen production, watershed values, scenic benefits, ecosystem synergies, and various values ​​essential to human health and quality of life.

Forests provide many important ecosystem services, such as the role of sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, protecting upstream basins, preserving biodiversity and gene pools for future generations, and providing landscaping.

Forests are a source of carbon dioxide

When destroyed or damaged, sinks when sustainably preserved, managed or planted, and 60 to 90 of all land species are found in forests that are still widely used for economic and medical purposes. Unknown to mankind. In citing this report, we determined that forest vegetation and soil hold 40% of the carbon stored in terrestrial ecosystems. The court added that water is needed in addition to the need for agriculture, sanitation purposes, cooking and other uses as the demand for clean drinking water increases rapidly as the population grows.

Twenty years ago, no one in Pakistan had ever thought of buying water, but at the moment the forests in the watershed were depleted and people were forced to buy water. Judging, forest and plant cover are needed to slow down spills and filter rainwater. When the tree is in place, the flow of rainwater slows down the creek to the nearest stream. When the speed slowed down, rainwater soaked in to replenish the groundwater storage tank or aquifer. Water can also be absorbed by tree roots and circulated for reuse as rainwater.

Forests prevent drinking water, which is not saline, from flowing too quickly and mixing with sea water. Once salted, the water takes much longer to re-enter the freshwater part of the hydrological cycle, which is most useful for humans. The roots of the trees hold the soil in place and the fertile soils necessary for growing crops are washed away with rainstorm, which reduces the amount of soil available for agriculture. Rich soil transfers nutrients into food, contributing to human health.

Forests provide many benefits for the environment, people and animals, such as the release of water vapor into the atmosphere to cool the air temperature. During the day, trees help to purify the air by producing oxygen and storing carbon dioxide. Forests also attract wild life, provide food and protection. It reduces light reflections, provides a sound barrier and guides the direction and speed of the wind.

The court has instructed authorities

Therefore, in recent rulings, the court helps to control the observed flood and soil erosion levels. The court has instructed authorities, including the DHA, development authorities and other relevant agencies, to create and adopt a comprehensive policy in relation to planting trees in urban areas with urban farm policy experience, establish their own policies in accordance with each law and start planting immediately.

It is. Trees with requests for PHAs and other departments remain fine by imposing fines and fines on local officials or citizens. The court also directed all educational institutions, hospitals and parking area officials to create and enforce tree planting policies in open spaces. Likewise, the Punjab government was also instructed to impose fines and penalties on those found to cut, remove and damage trees.

The NAB National Accountability Bureau

The NAB National Accountability Bureau
The NAB (National Accountability Bureau) chairman has agreed to release seven suspects involved in a fake bank account case with a contract of 166 billion rupiah. The accused faced an incident involving misuse of land owned by the Sindh government and Pakistan steel mill. Abdul Ghani has expressed his willingness to abandon 37.5 acres of industrial land and deposit 2 billion rupees in a pleasant deal.

According to NAB sources

Similarly, Mohammad Touseef has 37.5 acres of industrial land with 20.9 billion rupiah, Amir (40 acres and 2.2 billion rupees), Siraj Shahid (50 acres and Rs 2.78 billion), Hammad Shahid (34 acres of residential land and 440 million acres). 19 million rupees), surrendering Tariq Baig. (34 acres of residential land and Rs491m), Mohammad Iqbal (33 acres of residential land and Rs476m). According to NAB sources, NAB Chairman Javed Iqbal has approved the conviction deal and the case will now be submitted to the responsible court. All seven faced NAB investigations of illegal land allocation by public officials.

Manzoor Qadir Kaka, a former executive director of the Sindh Building Control Authority and a close aide to former President Asif Zardari, is also accused of this incident. The National Accountability Bureau condemned them for misuse of authority, illegal merits and abuse of government land. Payments for land plots were made through fake bank accounts, NAB sources claimed.

Seven of them cited one of 172 in a report filed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Supreme Court during a fake bank account hearing. After the bail detained by the Islamabad High Court on June 10 was dismissed, former President Asif Zardari and his sister Fayal Talf withdrew in connection with the case.

Travel and Tourism Competitive Report

According to the Travel and Tourism Competitive Report published by the World Economic Forum on Wednesday, Pakistan remains the least competitive country in South Asia in travel and tourism. The report ranks Pakistan at the bottom of the Asia Pacific Travel and Tourism (T & T) Competitive Index 2019 ranking. Pakistan ranked 121st this year among 140 countries in 124 countries in 2017. The report stressed that Pakistan still needs to improve its competitiveness in order to rank above the top four.

In a pillar snapshot of the Asia-Pacific region, the report revealed that Singapore was the highest country in terms of human resources and labor markets, while Singapore scored the highest in the region. Japan remains Asia's most competitive travel and tourism economy, ranks fourth in the world, and has recently witnessed a boom in international tourist arrivals and receipts. China is the largest travel and tourism economy in the Asia-Pacific and the world's 13th most competitive.

The Philippines has risen from fourth to fourth over the world. S. Asia is the only score below the average for T & T competitiveness in the Asia Pacific region. The biggest advantage over the world average comes from price competitiveness and natural and cultural resources. According to the report, S. Asia ranks low on infrastructure and tourism services infrastructure, which lacks development services, represents the greatest relative disadvantage.

Low ICT readiness, international openness, safety and security, health and hygiene are other major weaknesses. However, S. Asia has also experienced one of the fastest pace of improvement since the last edition of the report, including the largest subregional percentage increase in ICT readiness scores.

The Supreme Court announced on Monday

The additional support spokesman, Punjab Chadries Faisal Hussein, said local governments have deposited 425 million rupees in water conservation accounts on behalf of other companies for the use of underground water resources. The SC bench, led by Judge Umar Ata Bandial, is said to have credited Rs2.7m to Balochistan's water conservation account. However, the governments of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have not yet provided funds to their accounts.

The Apex court filed the Sumomoto case without claiming quality and stamina for human consumption, as well as numerous review petitions for the sale of bottled water extracted from underground sources and the order of water consumption. Sindh, KP Government has not yet provided money on behalf of companies using groundwater. In the June 10 ruling, the court ordered beverage and bottle companies to pay at least 20% of the bills they received for the use of water according to the initial imposition of Rs1 per liter of extracted surface water.

This is about Sind's interest,' Judge Van Dys regretted. He asked Sind Salman Talibudin, the spokesman for his influence in mobilizing the department, and observed that Sind's market was huge but more illegal than in other regions. However, Sindh AG took two weeks to get updated information after meeting with the relevant departments.

The courts disseminated a draft law developed by the federal government in each state and convened relevant department meetings for appropriate legislation on water conservation and water use discontinuity. Wasa-Punjab Managing Director Syed Zahid Aziz provided a report to the vertex court, highlighting how administrative orders were issued to execute the installation of push-button faucets in all public and commercial buildings for water conservation.

The report explained

The report explained that aeration / mist nozzle installation could be considered a good option as an alternative to save 30% of the water used in public and commercial buildings, since the push button faucet was not manufactured locally. However, Wasase Lahore worked with the leading manufacturers of sanitary equipment to begin the manufacture of pushbutton faucets and aerator / mist nozzles, according to the instructions previously released by the Apex court. For five-star hotels, sensor-controlled faucets should be adopted as an alternative, the report said.

But bench member Judge Ijaz-ul-Ahsan asked the Punjab government to involve engineering universities to find indigenous but innovative and viable solutions with the country's ultimate benefits in the long run. Regarding water recycling, the report explained that water used for ablation in temples and shrines is a potential area for water reuse by applying simple and cost-effective methods. As a result, Wasa identified 68 temples adjacent to the park in Lahore.

At the Nimra mosque in Johar Town, a model was prepared and installed, where the water used for the bath gathers in an underground tank. And water pumps and sprinklers are used to irrigate the park adjacent to the mosque. Thus, 2,500 gallons of groundwater are being saved per day, the report stressed. Similarly, Lahore, a park and gardening authority, is currently replicating this model into 58 mosques adjacent to the park, while work on 50 mosques has been completed and is in operation.

The Lahore Cantonment Board

The Walton Cantonment Board, and the Defense Housing Authority are also replicating models by identifying employees adjacent to the park in their jurisdiction. In addition, private and cooperative housing associations will follow the Wasa model for water reuse in green areas adjacent to parks or temples. The Water Darbar mosque's water reuse plan has been approved and funded for the 2019-20 annual development program.

Wasa Lahore disconnected the water supply installed in the car wash because the wasteful use of drinking water stressed the city's groundwater resources, according to the report, car wash owners should install shallow. Ejectors pump in the upper aquifer, which can not be drunk.

The Pakistan Latest Development in Kashmir

The Pakistan Latest Development in Kashmir
In response to Pakistan's diplomatic support for Pakistan's latest development in Kashmir, India's foreign ministers arrive in Islamabad on Wednesday (today) Wednesday. 1-day official visit for dialogue about local situation with civil and military leaders in Pakistan. Foreign Minister Shahmeh Mohd Kuresi made this statement by talking to Capitol reporters before heading to the Foreign Ministry to preside on the Kashmir special inaugural meeting Tuesday.

Islamic Cooperation Organization

The two major players of the OIC (Islamic Cooperation Organization) are coming to Islamabad tomorrow (Wednesday). Qureshi said in an upcoming visit by Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir and Minister of International Cooperation for Sheikh UAE. Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan al-Nayan. We are in contact with two foreign ministers," he added, adding that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are both important countries. He said that withdrawal of 370 trillion would give Pakistan and Kashmir people a view of India's move to end Kashmir's special status, as well as a situation before them in a suspended valley due to continued bans.

Qureshi, Iran, Bangladesh, Turkish Foreign Minister Discuss Kashmir Issues. Saudi Arabia and UAE foreign ministers have visited Pakistan as a result of Prime Minister Imran Khan's direct calls to the princes of both countries over the past few days. Mr. Kuresh said he had "good interactions" with the princes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Earlier, the Saudi Media Agency (SPA) reported that Prime Minister Lim Lan Khan and Saudi prince Saudi Mohammed discussed "the latest developments in the region" by telephone.

The SPA reported that a second leader, less than a month old, on a phone call, "reviewed the relationship between the two countries. In media reports, President Kuresi ruled out the possibility of resuming bilateral talks between Pakistan and India in a prevailing situation. He said that in the past, India would take two steps if India took a step toward peace. But he regretted that India did not keep talking.

Human crisis

The Foreign Minister expressed concern about India's continued ban on Kashmir and said New Delhi caused a "human crisis." He said that Kashmir people were curfed for 30 days without rations and drugs. Kuresi said, “There is panic and confusion in Kashmir,” he added, mobilizing public opinion and putting pressure on India through diplomatic efforts to lift Kashmir's curfew. In response to questions about the international community's response to Pakistan's efforts to emphasize Kashmir, Mr. Kuresi said there was no “electric switch” and that he “worked humanly” to mobilize public opinion and internationalize the Kashmir situation.

Insisting on the diplomatic front, OIC has already rejected India's stance and demanded a curfew in Kashmir. He said that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the European Union have already discussed the Kashmir issue and are currently approaching the Human Rights Council and contacting the OIC. Mr. Kuresi said several US Senators and Representatives have decided to adopt the Kashmir issue at the Human Rights Commission.

He added that 11 of the 12 EU member states condemned India and that only 1 of the EU member states from India supported India's actions in Kashmir. He said thousands of Pakistanis, Kasiris, human rights activists, Labor and Conservative Democrats had a big demonstration in London. He said international Western media are criticizing India's policy and that voices have been heard in India.

He said he had talks with opponents in Iran and Bangladesh on Tuesday and expressed concern about the Kashmir situation. He said Bangladesh had a soft corner towards India, but the Foreign Minister declared that "the curfew is unacceptable. Mr. Kuresh also said he was working with Bangladesh's foreign minister to talk about India's move to conduct racial cleanup in Assam, making about 2 million people stateless.

The Kashmir people

He said India also tried to do ethnic cleaning in Kashmir, but the Kashmir people would resist such moves. The foreign minister said another question had not yet been decided on the closure of airspace in India. We are reviewing all the pros and cons of this option and we have to choose it when choosing," he added. In answering another question, Qureshi had the option to bring this matter to the International Court of Justice, and the Attorney General Barrister Farogh Naseem said he was studying the case.

Qureshi, vice-chairman of Pakistan's Threek-Tiheek-I-Insaf, accused the opposition of criticizing the failure of the “Kashmir time” for the prime minister's call last Friday. But he said that all political parties are on one page of the Kashmir issue. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a separate handout on telephone conversations with the Foreign Minister, Iran, Bangladesh and Turkey. President Kuresi called Iran's Foreign Minister Javanese Zafried to explain India's illegal and unilateral action to change the state of conflict in Kashmir.

He stressed that India's actions to capture Kashmir pose a threat to peace and stability in the region. Due to the worsening human rights situation, the Foreign Minister informed Iranian class members that after five weeks, they had caused enormous suffering to the people of Kashmiri who had no access to hospitals, medicines and food supplies.

Zarif reiterated detailed briefings and concerns about the deterioration of human rights and humanitarian conditions in Kashmir, and reaffirmed the support of Iran's Kashmir. Qureshi Bangladesh Dr. A.K. Also spoke with Abdul Momen and Foreign Minister FM Mevlut Cavasoglu of Turkey.

Standards and Poor's predicted

The slowdown in Dubai's economy after 2014 will continue until 2022 due to falling oil prices, the US-China trade war and political turmoil on Tuesday. The International Assessment Agency said in its report that the growth of the Middle East's most diverse economy was affected by the deterioration of the major real estate and tourism sectors. According to the report, Dubai faces high public debt of about $ 120 billion, or 108% of GDP, divided by government and state-owned enterprises.

Emirates' GDP grew to 1.94% last year. This is the lowest figure since 2010, when urban states still recover from the effects of the global financial crisis and begin defaulting on their debt. S & P expects the Dubai economy to reach 2.4pc this year with the completion of a project related to the International Trade Show 2020 Expo in October next year. Growth will increase to 2.0pc by 2022 after the expo.

According to S & P, public transportation will slow down due to a decrease in regional demand due to trade wars between the US and China and sanctions on nearby Iran, S & P said. Dubai's GDP grew to 4.8 pcs in 2013 before falling, and the decline accelerated last year after the real estate sector stagnated and the number of tourists stagnated.

American Forward Megan Raffino Loves Girls Awards

American Forward Megan Raffino Loves Girls Awards
Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk has won Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi five times with three finalists for the FIFA Best Player Award. American forward Megan Raffino loves girls awards the most. On Monday, the last three announcements in each category, including the best coach and the best goalkeeper, were made in San Siro. The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on September 23 at the iconic Scala Theater in Milan.

 World Cup final

Luka Modric, who won last year after qualifying for the World Cup finals in Croatia, failed to be a 10-man candidate. Van Dijk joined Ronaldo and Messi after helping Liverpool win the Champions League title in June. Centerback denied Ronaldo and Messi last week for the UEFA Player of the Year award. Rapinoe is competing with World Cup winning teammate Alex Morgan and England fullback Lucy Bronze. All three men's coach award finalists included Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool, Pep Guardiola of Manchester City and Mauricio Pochettino of Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.

Klopp won the Champions League alongside Liverpool, and Guardiola won the Premier League second straight streak, but Pochettino won Tottenham in the Champions League final but did not win the trophy in his managerial career. Jill Ellis, an American coach who has won consecutive World Cup titles before retiring for more than five years, won the Women's Football Best Coach Award. She joined Phil Neville in the UK and Sarina Wiegman in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands lost to the United States in the final of the World Cup. Liverpool is also a contender for the best goalkeeper prize. Alisson for Ederson in City and Marc-Andr ter Stegen in Barcelona Winners are voted by national team coaches and captains, votes of their chosen media and online fans.

FIFA top list

Male players: Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus / Portugal), Lionel Messi (Barcelona / Argentina), Virgil van Dyke (Liverpool / Netherlands).

Female players: Lucy Bronze (Lyon / England), Alex Morgan (Orlando Pride / USA), Megan La Fino (League FC / USA).

Male coaches: Pep Guardiola (Manchester City), Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool), Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham Hotspur).

Female coaches: Jill Ellis (USA), Phil Neville (UK), Sarina Wigman (Netherlands).

Female goalkeeper: Christiane Endler (Paris Saint Germain / Chile), Hedvig Lindahl (Wolfsburg / Sweden), Sari van Veenendaal (Atletico Madrid / Netherlands).

Male goalkeeper: Alisson (Liverpool / Brazil), Ederson (Manchester City / Brazil), Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Barcelona / Germany).

Puskas Awards (Best Goal): Lionel Messi (Barcelona vs Real Betis), Juan Quintero (steel plate v Racing Club), Daniel Zsori (Dev Lechen vs Ferencvaros).

The Member Association

In August, the Member Association will continue bidding to host the Women's World Cup, which expanded in 2023, the FIFA confirmed on Tuesday. FIFA agreed to increase the number of teams participating in the event in 2023, following the French edition this year, from 24 to 32, and then resumed the bidding process. Bidding member associations include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, and South Korea, and are interested in joint bidding with North Korea. Interested in last month, Belgium and Bolivia were not on the latest list.

In a statement, FIFA said, “FIFA has sent updated bid and hosting documents to the eight member associations until December 13, when they will submit bids, signed hosting agreements and all other hosting and bidding documents. Members who wish to participate in existing bids by the bid submission deadline may do so if they submit a bid registration to FIFA. At the end of this World Cup, FIFA Chairman FIFA Gianni Infantino promised to expand the tournament.

Interest in women's games was never high as the world's broadcast record was broken at shows between June and July. Nearly 1.65 billion people saw France beating the country's most-visited women's football game, beating out 2023 countries in Brazil on the 16th. FIFA will conduct formal inspections of the relevant member associations in January and February 2020, and is expected to nominate a host in May.