The 2022 World Cup Begins in 16 Cities in the Region

When the Second Continental Qualifier campaign for the 2022 World Cup begins in 16 cities in the region, fewer lights in Asia are likely to steal a march on better rivals on Thursday. By next Tuesday, the top seeds of each of the eight groups, including World Cup regular teams like Korea, Japan, Australia, and Iran, will not launch campaigns, so countries that want to give up their existing orders may have an early opportunity.

The four guaranteed berths

Uzbekistan is one of those hoping to challenge one of the four guaranteed berths in the Qatar finals, and former Egyptian coach Hector Cuper signed to lead the country to virginity. The Central Asian countries, which entered the German finals in 2006, have recently started their attempts in Palestine, and Argentina believes that winning will replace his team. Cuper said on the official website of the Asian Football Federation (AFA), It's always very important to start with three points because good results will be the foundation for your next victory.

When talking about Palestine, I must state that they are really strong and aggressive opponents who will try to play in front of fans. Also, playing on artificial pitch is always offensive for players who are not used to playing in this kind of surface condition. But we will do everything possible to get good results. The top finisher of each group will be able to advance to the next Asian round qualifier, as well as the players who finish fourth in eight groups.

The 12 teams will consist of 6 groups, and the top two teams will advance to the finals. Uzbekistan shares the group with not only Palestine, Yemen and Singapore, but also with the five-time finalist Saudi Arabia to face serious challenges to Cooper and his team's attempt to advance to the next round. We don't have a team to underestimate,” says Cuper. In theory, Saudi Arabia seems to be the main contender to win the group when it's in its first pot in the draw, but now we have to prove it in the arena, too.

The challenges faced by countries

Countries seeking to empower Asia's established order are monumental. South Korea holds the most impressive qualifications on the continent and aims to compete in the 10th consecutive World Cup (11 total), while Japan is the dominant force that has played in all tournaments since 1998. Australia is also one of the regional powerhouses that have reserved their seats in each World Cup since the second qualifying round in Germany in 2006. Meanwhile, Iran aims for third and fifth place in a row. Sum.

The UAE will be the favorite in the group 'G' featuring Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. China must be strong enough to escape the 'A' group joining Syria, the Philippines, Guam and Maldives. Jordan said it would be the biggest threat to Australia in the 'B' group, which includes China, Taipei, Nepal and Kuwait, with the highlights of the group 'C' including Iran, Iraq, Hong Kong, Bahrain and Cambodia.

The World Cup hosted the Qatar feature in the qualifying round, doubled as the 2023 Asian Cup eliminator and participated in the group 'E' with Bangladesh, India, Oman and Afghanistan. Japan will be campaigning against Myanmar next week in the 'F' group, where Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Mongolia will also play and South Korea will face North Korea, Turkmenistan, Lebanon and Sri Lanka in group 'H'.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup

Qatar World Cup logo was flashing on the big screen and projected on landmarks around the world, revealing on Tuesday with a design that reflects both the tournament's compact infrastructure and winter schedule. Using the colors of the Qatar flag, the white emblem is set on a maroon background and provides an image of the most controversial tournaments in football outside the construction site. Inspired by the contours of the World Cup trophy with a seamless loop depicting the number of stadiums built for the Middle East's first World Cup in a small Persian Gulf country.

FIFA was inspired by the “traditional woolen shawl,” which is a winter apparel that reflects the World Cup held in November and December 2022 to avoid summer heat in June and July, when tournaments are usually held. This disclosure was made in 2222 at local Doha (GMT) in 2022, and the image was projected on buildings in the capital of Qatar, including the fortress of Al Jubara, which appeared on sites in Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.

Some other countries in the region have played no role in launching because of ongoing political tensions. The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt have been boycotting Qatar economically and diplomatically since 2017, and breaking the travel link could be a problem for fan travel in 2022. The international site, marked with a logo on Tuesday, includes the Arch of Peace in Milan, the train station in Paris, Rio de Janeiro and the Times Square in New York.

This symbol has also been displayed in Madrid, Buenos Aires and Beirut. In Turkey, ten sites helped to bypass the Gulf Boycott impact on food and building materials, reflecting a deeper alliance with Qatar's regional allies. Qatar received a FIFA vote due to a 2010 debate.

A FIFA survey found that some of Qatar's actions “may not have met the criteria” required to conclude that there is “no evidence of inadequate bidding”. , Should strengthen the standard.
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