The Accounting Court Indicted Former Rail Minister

On Wednesday, the accounting court indicted former rail minister Khwaja Saad Rafiq and his brother, former state minister Salman Rafiq, in the Paragon City case. But both brothers refused to prosecute and decided to challenge the trial. The prosecution provided the accused with a list of alleged references and copies. The lawyer protested the prosecution and investigated the case-related documents for a week. He insisted that the court first investigate whether the prosecution filed an indictment case

The judge rested the hearing

But the presiding judge and Jawadul Hassan observed that the prosecution was not a punishment and that the accused had the opportunity to defend himself in trial. The judge rested the hearing until September 13 and instructed the prosecution to present witnesses. For reference, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has accused the Khwaja brothers of incorrectly obtaining about 11.8 million rupiah from M / s Paragon City (pvt) Limited in bank accounts. Saad has raised concerns over the owners to conceal the origins of their illegal monetary benefits-Sas Associate Associates-in the past few years.

Similarly, the Bureau accused Khwaja Salman of the same corruption practices by establishing the KSR Party Association and receiving 34 million rupees from an M / s Executive Builder, depending on the attire of the consulting service. Suspects of the Paragon City, Nadeem Zia, Umar Zia and Farhan Ali, were accused of three other people and accused of skipping the procedure. The bibliography says that the brothers of Kaya have established a housing project under the name of Air Avenue through their “Benami theer”, with the reduction of former MPA Qaiser Amin Butt and Nadeem Zia.

The project was later converted to a housing plan, namely Paragon City Pvt Ltd, which said that NAB is an illegal society and has not been approved by the Lahore Development Authority. The NAB, along with other accomplices, argued that the suspects cheated openly and gained illegal financial gains from the money of illegal societies.

NAB arrested the Khwaja brothers on December 11, 2018 after denying the pre-arrest bail that the Lahore High Court enjoyed for almost three months. The custody of the Bureau was maintained until February 2 until the Tribunal was sent to jail under four legal summons. Their bail petition was dismissed by the Lahore High Court.

Prime Minister of Punjab Sardar Uzman Buzhar

Sardar Uzman Buzhar sought more detailed reports on dengue prevention measures as dengue continues to spread throughout the city, with reports of three deaths in government-run hospitals. A former national health service minister under Saira Afzal Tarar of the PML-N government, criticizing the increasing number of dengue patients and the deaths of residents, said he was negligent when the government controlled the deadly virus. It has been reported that a woman admitted to the Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH), identified as 40-year-old Rasheeda Begum in Gulzar-i-Quaid, died. She was transferred to the hospital four days ago.

But BBH spokesman Dr. Innayatur Rehman said Dawn had not reported dengue-related deaths in the hospital. According to media reports of the woman's death, he checked all the wards but said, "No such death happened." Rehman said it would be difficult to hide dengue-related deaths. This is because all information should be sent to the Punjab Health Department.

Meanwhile, on August 30 and August 21, the Punjab Health Department wrote a letter to the Chief Health Officer of the local health authorities to obtain detailed reports of two deaths from the Holy Family Hospital (HFH) and BBH's dengue virus. According to the letter, patient number 2601020, identified as Nadia, died in HFH on August 30, while patient number 2590798, identified as Mohammad Baba, died in BBH on August 21.

Within two days, the Director of Health asked the district health authority CEO to send complete hospital records along with laboratory reports and death certificates. However, BBH administration claimed that the patient in question died of diabetes while suffering from dengue fever. A hospital spokesman said her cause of death was not a dengue fever but another disease.

Increase in the number of Rawalpindi

The rich man expressed concern about the increase in the number of Rawalpindi dengue patients and sought a report from the Ministry of Health. He said substantive measures adopted by the government to overcome dengue fever should be visible on site and administrative offices should ensure the implementation of standard operating procedures. He paid attention to indoor and outdoor surveillance and instructed that the disposal of stagnant water should be ensured as soon as possible. If necessary, it is necessary to carry out spraying.

Buzdar said dengue patients should be given the best facilities in the hospital. Former NHS Secretary Tara says people died and the health minister was missing while the local government was not dissolved. Imran Khan criticized PML-N's development work and insisted on spending money on health and education, but PTI was unable to provide health care to the general public and seized double standards after seizing power." Death of a woman due to dengue fever of BBH.
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