The National Accountability Bureau on Wednesday

Wednesday, 3 pm, for 14 days against the Chad Li Sugar Mills Limited (CSUD) incident of Pakistani Muslim League-nawaz (PML-N) leader Mariam Nawaz and her cousin Yousaf Abbas Three courts have been extended. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) presented two suspects in front of the court, taking strict security measures outside the judiciary.

NAB Special Prosecutor

Hafiz Asadullah Awan has filed with the court an application to withdraw two more suspects. Judge Ameer Muhammad Khan asked Maryam to stand on the dock, but the prosecution resumed his claim and the suspect did not cooperate with the investigation. PML-N workers clash with police. Group of lawyers sing slogan in court. He repeatedly mentioned that Maryam was appointed director of M / s Chaudhry Sugar Mills in 1992 and held a post until 1997. She served as Chief Executive of Mills during 1995-96, holding 864,000 common shares.

He said the suspect became the largest shareholder of the plant with 12 million shares (47% stake) from 2008 to 2010. Nawaz Sharif, meanwhile, added that it had become the largest shareholder of the plant with over 12 million shares (46pc ownership) over 2015-16 years. The prosecution said that Mariam had acquired a stake in wheat from three foreigners: Safe bin Java al-Sbaidi, Hani Ahmad Jam joo and Sheikh Zaka Udin.

However, the prosecution said during the recent withdrawal that the suspect asked three foreigners about the deed, which transferred 11.5m of ordinary shares. He said Mills' company secretary, Ajmal Sibtain and Chief Financial Officer Shahbaz Haider, was questioned and did not provide documentation to justify the transfer of shares. The prosecution immediately said that while resigning, the suspect faced the sawmill's financial audit report and asked about the company's lender.

He found that the project of the sugar factory was Rs700m and Rs400m was obtained from an overseas company, namely M / s Chedron Jersy, while the remaining funds were raised locally. He said the tax records for the suspects Maryam and Abbas were procured from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to confirm the financial value.

According to a report submitted by the prosecution

The former Prime Minister Naz Sharif and his children, Mariam, Hussein Naz and Hassan Naz, had a 4.32m stake in the sugar factory, which paid 40.32m. However, the available tax records did not have enough sources to contribute to the company's repayment capital. He said that Nawaz Sharif was prime minister when the sugar factory was established in 1992. The prosecution asked the court to extend the suspect's physical regression for 15 days for additional evidence, detection of hidden assets and recovery of criminal proceeds.

Attorney Amjad Pervez, the lawyer, opposed the summons and argued that the issue of CSML was investigated by a joint investigation team formed under the Supreme Court's Panama newspaper ruling. He said NAB was demanding the remainder at the same time from the start. He claimed that all the shares in the plant were transferred by Maryam's grandfather and Abbas managed the funding deal with the UAE country Naseer Abdullah Lootah.

The lawyer stated that

All the documents in the case already own the bureau and do not need to detain the suspect. The judge extended the physical reverberations of the two suspects by September 18. Previously, numerous attorneys belonging to PML-N shouted slogans in and out of court. During the proceedings, judge time again warned lawyers to be quiet. But lawyers and party workers ignored requests from senior defense lawyer Azam Nazir Tarar to remain silent.

Senior politicians Javed Hashmi, Senator Pervez Rashid, and Nehal Hashmi also attended a lawsuit in a crowded court. Former railway minister Khwaja Saad Rafiq and his brother Khwaja Salman Rafiq also met Maryam. They were produced in a paragon case in another court. Outside the judiciary, PML-N workers had minor clashes with the police.

The former deputy mayor, Mian Tariq, fell on the road during a disturbance with the police. Closed roads leading to the complex by placing containers and barbed wire causing trouble for pedestrians and traffic.
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