The Opposition Party on Tuesday Began a Strike

The opposition party on Tuesday began a strike from the Senate to protest the government's attempts to rule through the bylaws. Four ordinances announced by Dr. Arif Alvi in ​​May and July began with the Secretary of State Azam Swati taking office amid the slogan of `` shame, shame '' in the opposition. Interestingly, the latest controversial Gas Infrastructure Development Seth (GIDC) bylaw was not part of the ordinance set in front of the house.

Parliament was bypassed and the bylaws

Senate opposition leader Raja Zafar Ruhlhak regretted that Parliament was bypassed and the bylaws were published without meeting the prerequisites set out in Article 89 of the Constitution. He made it clear that by law, shortcuts could never be tolerated, which made it impossible to publish bylaws when either Capitol was elected. "It's a constitutional fraud," he said. In the Senate, Congressman accuses him of misusing numerical force. In the Senate Rhyman, Senator of the Pakistan National Party (PPP) said.

The four ordinances presented in the Senate today are proof that the government wants to bypass the majority of the opposition and legislate only through presidential decrees. The government has now bypassed Congress fifteen times in one year by Presidential Decree but blamed Congress for not being able to legislate. Are we here only to rubber stamp these rituals that were not introduced by the worst dictators? Leman said four rituals were instituted in the Senate that day to prevent this house from passing an unapproved resolution.

She told the Senate Secretariat that a notice had already been filed for a resolution denying all four laws. She said that the rule required notification three days before, but the chairman said he was authorized to rule out the requirements of the rule. Raza Rabbani of PPP said it is attempting under a preconceived plan to duplicate parliament. He mentions in Article 89, paragraph 1 of the Constitution: You may need it.

Rabbani said the president should be satisfied

Although not mechanically in receiving a summary. "Satisfaction means you have to apply your thoughts if such a situation exists that can guarantee the fear of the ordinance. He said he violated the Constitution by announcing an unconstitutional constitution that the president recently appointed two members of the Pakistan Election Commission. He also mentioned the ruling of a chair that would be ruled on the first day of sitting in a house held after the ordinance, where a formal government project would be concluded.

And the government is required to provide a reason why the president should promulgate the ordinance. He said that the house can tolerate delays for up to 10 days. We did not allow the PMDC statute in Congress, but doctors told us today that surgery is going on the same way as before. Rabbani told capitalists and foreign companies that the GIDC bylaw, which gives up a massive amount of Rs 21 billion, was announced as a constitutional violation.

This is the largest ever. This order does not meet the requirements of the Constitution, ”he said. He said he knew the meeting would take place the next day when the president announced the ceremony as the Senate called. Mushtaq Ahmad of Jamat-i-Islami also blamed the PTI government for fear of the ordinance. But Senator Syed Shibli Faraz was held responsible for what the opposition did. He says opposition parties are opposed to serving the country for political point scoring.

He came home against even a bill backed by a committee-level opposition. "This is happening because opposition parties misuse the House's figures," he said. Shortly after this remark, Raja Zafarul Haq announced his preparation for a strike. Quorum was noted after the opposition left. The quorum bell rang for 5 minutes but was not used. The house died of autographs.

The Adha Prison Administration

On Tuesday, a judge in the accounting court asked the Adha Prison Administration for details on the facilities available to former President Asif Ali Zardari, who was sentenced to judicial judgment in a fake bank account case by September 5. Judge Rajazawa Abbas Havas heard the application filed by former President Judge Sardar Latif Khan Khosa and sought a contempt procedure for prison authorities for failing to fulfill a court order.

The prison informed the court in advance of the order to the responsible minister and informed the court that it was waiting for a response from the headquarters department. Last week, the former president was taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences for a physical examination, which the hospital executives called routine examinations. In a petition, Khosa spokesman said Mr. Zardari provided 'A' class facilities in prison even before he became president in 2008.

The former legal abolition of the former president to expire tomorrow. However, in violation of the court's instructions, the prison authorities said that despite the fact that he was old and suffering from various diseases, he did not provide adequate care for his clients. According to him, the cut leg wanted to keep the cells on its own, because the disease required proper treatment.

Judge Mohammad Bashir of the Liability Court refused Zardari's request to provide 'A' class facilities at state expense. However, the court approved the approval for various amenities for installation or use in his cell in his pocket. According to a ruling issued on August 16, the former president was able to keep the refrigerator, air conditioning, internet connection and personal crew at his expense.

The court also extended

The abolition of the former president's private jurisdiction to September 5. On Tuesday, the court sought details from the Adiala prison authorities about the facility, which, as ordered, provided to the former president. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested the former president after canceling bail before arrest by the Islamabad High Court in a fake bank account case on June 10. He is facing several inquiries regarding fake bank accounts. According to the NAB report filed with the IHC earlier this year, Zardari was facing at least eight questions.

He was named accused of mentioning fake accounts, Park Lane company, and illegal contract agreements, and the rest of the questions are related to misuse of cane growers' subsidies, bringing vehicles from Tosha Khana, and paying import duties on fake accounts, transactions. 8.7 billion rupees in Bahria Town through fake accounts by Zriari Group and recoil from JV Opal.

The FIA ​​nominated his sister Faryal Talpur, Omni Group president Anwar Majeed, his son, and more than 10 Zardari as suspects in a temporary charges filed in a bank court last August. However, the case was transferred to Rawalpindi's responsible court in March for trial in the Banking Court of Karachi.
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