The Pakistan Latest Development in Kashmir

In response to Pakistan's diplomatic support for Pakistan's latest development in Kashmir, India's foreign ministers arrive in Islamabad on Wednesday (today) Wednesday. 1-day official visit for dialogue about local situation with civil and military leaders in Pakistan. Foreign Minister Shahmeh Mohd Kuresi made this statement by talking to Capitol reporters before heading to the Foreign Ministry to preside on the Kashmir special inaugural meeting Tuesday.

Islamic Cooperation Organization

The two major players of the OIC (Islamic Cooperation Organization) are coming to Islamabad tomorrow (Wednesday). Qureshi said in an upcoming visit by Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir and Minister of International Cooperation for Sheikh UAE. Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan al-Nayan. We are in contact with two foreign ministers," he added, adding that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are both important countries. He said that withdrawal of 370 trillion would give Pakistan and Kashmir people a view of India's move to end Kashmir's special status, as well as a situation before them in a suspended valley due to continued bans.

Qureshi, Iran, Bangladesh, Turkish Foreign Minister Discuss Kashmir Issues. Saudi Arabia and UAE foreign ministers have visited Pakistan as a result of Prime Minister Imran Khan's direct calls to the princes of both countries over the past few days. Mr. Kuresh said he had "good interactions" with the princes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Earlier, the Saudi Media Agency (SPA) reported that Prime Minister Lim Lan Khan and Saudi prince Saudi Mohammed discussed "the latest developments in the region" by telephone.

The SPA reported that a second leader, less than a month old, on a phone call, "reviewed the relationship between the two countries. In media reports, President Kuresi ruled out the possibility of resuming bilateral talks between Pakistan and India in a prevailing situation. He said that in the past, India would take two steps if India took a step toward peace. But he regretted that India did not keep talking.

Human crisis

The Foreign Minister expressed concern about India's continued ban on Kashmir and said New Delhi caused a "human crisis." He said that Kashmir people were curfed for 30 days without rations and drugs. Kuresi said, “There is panic and confusion in Kashmir,” he added, mobilizing public opinion and putting pressure on India through diplomatic efforts to lift Kashmir's curfew. In response to questions about the international community's response to Pakistan's efforts to emphasize Kashmir, Mr. Kuresi said there was no “electric switch” and that he “worked humanly” to mobilize public opinion and internationalize the Kashmir situation.

Insisting on the diplomatic front, OIC has already rejected India's stance and demanded a curfew in Kashmir. He said that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the European Union have already discussed the Kashmir issue and are currently approaching the Human Rights Council and contacting the OIC. Mr. Kuresi said several US Senators and Representatives have decided to adopt the Kashmir issue at the Human Rights Commission.

He added that 11 of the 12 EU member states condemned India and that only 1 of the EU member states from India supported India's actions in Kashmir. He said thousands of Pakistanis, Kasiris, human rights activists, Labor and Conservative Democrats had a big demonstration in London. He said international Western media are criticizing India's policy and that voices have been heard in India.

He said he had talks with opponents in Iran and Bangladesh on Tuesday and expressed concern about the Kashmir situation. He said Bangladesh had a soft corner towards India, but the Foreign Minister declared that "the curfew is unacceptable. Mr. Kuresh also said he was working with Bangladesh's foreign minister to talk about India's move to conduct racial cleanup in Assam, making about 2 million people stateless.

The Kashmir people

He said India also tried to do ethnic cleaning in Kashmir, but the Kashmir people would resist such moves. The foreign minister said another question had not yet been decided on the closure of airspace in India. We are reviewing all the pros and cons of this option and we have to choose it when choosing," he added. In answering another question, Qureshi had the option to bring this matter to the International Court of Justice, and the Attorney General Barrister Farogh Naseem said he was studying the case.

Qureshi, vice-chairman of Pakistan's Threek-Tiheek-I-Insaf, accused the opposition of criticizing the failure of the “Kashmir time” for the prime minister's call last Friday. But he said that all political parties are on one page of the Kashmir issue. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a separate handout on telephone conversations with the Foreign Minister, Iran, Bangladesh and Turkey. President Kuresi called Iran's Foreign Minister Javanese Zafried to explain India's illegal and unilateral action to change the state of conflict in Kashmir.

He stressed that India's actions to capture Kashmir pose a threat to peace and stability in the region. Due to the worsening human rights situation, the Foreign Minister informed Iranian class members that after five weeks, they had caused enormous suffering to the people of Kashmiri who had no access to hospitals, medicines and food supplies.

Zarif reiterated detailed briefings and concerns about the deterioration of human rights and humanitarian conditions in Kashmir, and reaffirmed the support of Iran's Kashmir. Qureshi Bangladesh Dr. A.K. Also spoke with Abdul Momen and Foreign Minister FM Mevlut Cavasoglu of Turkey.

Standards and Poor's predicted

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