The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi

UN top refugee officials urged India not to remain stateless by excluding almost two million people from its list of citizenship in Assamism. In a Sunday statement in Geneva, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said, "All the processes that many people can leave without a nationality without nationality will have a huge impact on global efforts to eradicate statelessness.

National Register of Citizens

He urged India not to become stateless including ensuring adequate access to information, legal aid and legal remedies in accordance with the best due process standards. On the list of Assam government released on Saturday, about 31.11 million omitted 1.19 million. Known as the National National Register of Citizens, or NRC, located in the northeast of India, bordering Bangladesh, this list is unique to the state of Assam. The government said it had edited this list in Bangladesh to detect and deport undocumented immigrants, but said those who were excluded from the final citizenship list would not be declared foreigners.

It is unclear what will happen next. Those who are excluded from the list can appeal to their own courts, but if lost, they can be sent to a detention center established by the government. India's foreign minister said that he was defending the controversial civil registry in Assam under UN criticism. . Nearly 2 million people excluded from the list will not be stateless. India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which also runs northeastern Assam in India, said it needed to support "national intruders" (NRC) to detect "foreign intruders.

But Foreign Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar said in the process that the NRC Saying “do not make the excluded person stateless”, all decisions will be consistent with humanitarian law and the “democratic tradition. Kumar said in a statement released late Sunday, "This (NRC) also does not make him" foreign "within the legal meaning of the term. People who are not on the final list will continue to enjoy all their rights without being detained until they have exhausted all the remedies available under the law.

33 poor and isolated Assam million people in Bangladesh are surrounded by the UK Even during colonial rule, there have been many immigrants for many years. However, under the NRC, only those who were able to guide their ancestors before 1971 can be included in the list. Those who are suspended can appeal in the so-called Foreign Court for 120 days, or they can appeal the case through the court.

One government official told reporters on Monday that about 500 courts would be launched by December, "even if the case does not approach the trial, the court will scrutinize it. He added that the government would provide legal assistance to those who cannot afford to pursue the case through the judicial system. Critics said the NRC process reflected BJP's goal of serving Hinduism, many of which were not expected to be Muslims.

India's development in Kashmir

India's development in Kashmir could have a negative impact on the Afghan peace process and warned the US think tank that Congress's subcommittee had scheduled a hearing to review the situation in the valley. Pakistan has been paying attention to India's intentions in Afghanistan for decades, and this incident in Kashmir will make Islamabad more distrustful of its neighbors," Washington-based Center for Strategy and International Studies (CSIS) said.

Pakistan has recently played an important role in US-Afghanistan peace talks with the Taliban. The Kashmir issue can be used not only to pull Pakistani resources and political will away from Afghanistan but also to persuade the United States to intervene in India, ”the report added. Afghanistan's peace talks are in final stages, and the US and Taliban delegations closed the deal with the ninth meeting in Doha, Qatar.

But according to Doha's report, Washington may not be able to negotiate until September 1, as expected. This delay will further strengthen Pakistan's role in convincing the Taliban to maintain relations with the United States.

Congress reviews local humanitarian situation

Washington also expects Islamabad to convince the Taliban to talk directly to the Afghan government. Taliban leaders see the Kabul government as an American puppet and refuse to talk directly with them. Friday afternoon, Assemblyman Brad Sherman, chairman of the Asia House Subcommittee, announced that a hearing on human rights in South Asia will be held soon. "The hearing will also focus on the Kashmir Valley, where many political activists have been arrested and disrupted daily life, the Internet and telephony," he said.

The hearing will examine Kashmir's humanitarian situation. Can people get food, medical care, etc. Sherman invited Alice Wells, who oversees US State Department policy on South Asia, Sam Brown Bag, Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, and other US State Department officials. US lawmakers still try to determine what caused the Indian government to withdraw the guarantees offered by the Indian Constitution to Kashmir, but the CSIS report said it was due to the political ideology of the ruling BJP party.

The report pointed out that these guarantees have been “the ideological insistence of BJP, who viewed India as a fundamentally Hindu country and qualified for the majority of Muslim countries with special privileges.

Kashmir ingredients

A congressman, known in parliament for his critical views on Pakistan, said he convinced the people of Kashmir to focus on Kashmir at the hearing. In a statement, Sherman said, “There was an opportunity to meet Americans in the Kashmir Valley with fellow card Lemir Andre Carson one week ago in the San Fernando Valley.” “We have heard stories of the difficulties my members and others face and fears of those they love. I look forward to learning more about Kashmir's human rights.

Earlier this week, Congressman Ted Liu of the California Democratic Party tweeted that he had heard from his constituency that he could not contact his family in Kashmir. “Democracy like India should not be involved in telecommunications outages lasting more than three weeks. We don't hide what's going on, we need escalation, ”Lieu said. Even the Indian media admitted, “The number of lawmakers who comment on Kashmir may increase when the [US] Congress on Holidays reunite in September.

Congressman Ilhan Omar of the Minnesota Democratic Party tweeted that she "is happy to see many members meet us in drawing attention to what's happening in Kashmir." She asked American citizens to “continue to call and speak with members. We look forward to the openness of India.

But supporters of the Kashmir movement in the US Congress urged Kashmiri and the Pakistanis to "don't get armed forces involved in peaceful struggles." They are concerned that the militants could cause Kasiris to lose support for the United States.
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